iHealthtech Seminar – Professor Hyo-Il Jung


iHealthtech Seminar – Professor Hyo-Il Jung


Multi-orifice flow fractionation (MOFF) is a microfluidic method for continuous size-based separation of spherical micro- and nano-particles. The technique utilizes inertial lift force and momentum change-induced inertial force generated in a series of contraction/expansion microchannels to concentrate particles gradually along the walls of microchannels by those inertial forces as they pass through the channels. In the microchannels, the particle trajectory is deflected from the carrier fluid by numerous sudden turns formed in a multi-orifice channel. This trajectory mismatching between fluid and particle resulted from the momentum change-induced inertial force. The trajectory mismatching induces the lateral drift of the equilibrium position of particle distribution, and its extent is variable according to particle size and flow rate. In the case of poly-dispersion, the size-based particle separation could be achieved in the specific range of the channel Reynolds number (Rec). It was found that, at a specific Rec, large polymer particles were aligned along the centerline of the outlet channel, while small particles remained near both sidewalls. This method has great potential for continuous separation without using a sheath flow.


Hyo-Il Jung is a Professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea. He received his PhD (Physical Biochemistry) from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. His research includes developing bio-analytical systems for human healthcare, particularly microfluidic strategies for isolating and enriching circulating biomarkers, including circulating tumour cells and extracellular vesicles. In addition, his group designed and fabricated various electrochemical biosensors to solve environmental problems generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently he has contributed to the founding of start-up companies. He also serves as a technical advisor to several in vitro diagnostics companies. He is the author of over 120 peer-reviewed journal articles and owns over 70 patents. He also serves as the Korean Society of Extracellular Vesicles (KSEV) president and the Korean Biochip Society (KBS) vice president.


Website: http://nanobio.yonsei.ac.kr

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