iHealthtech is located at Level 14 of the MD6 building in the National University of Singapore (NUS) and span a total floor area of 1,800 sq metres.

The core facilities support interdisciplinary research and include a portable microfabrication cleanroom, microscope room and cell culture labs that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
Covance-2MPR Plasma Bonder

  1. Multi-purpose O2 plasma process system with stable and homogeneous plasma discharge.
  2. Load chamber: 190(W) × 240(D) × 160(H) mm


  1. Lab-on-a-Chip research plasma bonding PDMS to glass
  2. Hydrophilic / hydrophobic treatment of plastic surfaces
  3. Cleaning organic contamination on work surfaces
  4. Enhancing inter-layer adhesiveness in micro-bio electronics
  5. Activating substrates, plasma grafting and cell attachment

Datron NEO Compact 3-axis CNC High-Speed Miller

  1. 500(X) × 400(Y) mm machine area
  2. Up to 18m/min feed rate
  3. Up to 40,000rpm spindle speed
  4. 24-tool integrated tool magazine
  5. Workpiece clamping with either vacuum plate or vice clamp
  6. 24″ multi-touch control terminal
  7. Integrated 3D (XYZ) sensor and camera


  1. Rapid prototyping and engraving construction
  2. High resolution milling of PMMA sheets

Leica EM CPD300 Automated Critical Point Dryer

  1. Top-loading automated critical point dryer
  2. Fast (<1min) adiabatic chamber (1.25″, 25ml)
  3. Slow fill mode available for delicate samples
  4. External post-purge filter protects valve and allows for easy maintenance access
  5. Non-mechanical stirring for liquid CO2 filling and complete purging
  6. Allows sample soaking at room temperature to allow replacement of ethanol by liquid CO2 before cool-fill-purge cycle


  1. For drying delicate samples while preserving their surface structure by reducing the surface tension when changing from liquid to gaseous state
  2. Drying biological specimens, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) for SEM analysis

Polos 150i Spin Coater

  1. Chemical resistant natural PP (Polypropylene) coating system
  2. Digital spin motor (up to 12,000 rpm with integrated rotation counter)
  3. Easy, step-by-step recipe programming via color touchscreen
  4. Reusable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) protective liner for coating chamber
  5. Customized vacuum chucks for small sample coating
  6. Integrated safety sensors to protect users


  1. Low volume spin coating for MEMS lithography
  2. Up to 150mm diameter substrates

SEC SNE 4500M Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

  1. Table-top mini-SEM
  2. Real-time specimen inspection (up to 100,000x zoom)
  3. Five-axis non-motorized stage (X, Y : 40mm, R-axis : 360°, Z : 0~35mm, T : 0~45°)
  4. Maximum specimen size: 80(D) × 35(H) mm
  5. Accelerating voltage: 5kV to 30kV in 5kV increments
  6. Integrated software for measurement of feature dimensions, area and angles
  7. Add text annotations and pointers to images
  8. Auxiliary Au sputter coater (maximum specimen size: 50mm diameter, 30mm height)

SPS POLOS200 Spin Process Station

  1. Full polymeric closed automated process chamber
  2. N2 and fluid dome injector for photoresist developer and RO water washing
  3. Clockwise or anti-clockwise spin directions and puddling function


  1. in-situ photoresist development and cleaning of up to 8″ diameter silicon wafers

SUSS MJB4 Mask Aligner

  1. Full manual topside alignment system
  2. Five exposure sequences (soft contact, hard contact, low vacuum contact, vacuum contact and gap exposure)
  3. Wafer and substrate handling up to 100 mm size
  4. Able to handle glass or plastic masks (up to 5 by 5″ masks)
  5. High resolution split field microscope with bright field incident illumination


  1. To transfer patterns from photo mask onto substrates
  2. UV filters (250, 300, 400nm) for exposure of positive photo resist, deep UV photoresist and negative SU-8 resist

For enquiries about iHealthtech facilities, please contact Mr Tang Kum Cheong.