Research Assistant (Laboratory for Multiscale Molecular Diagnostics)


Research Assistant (Laboratory for Multiscale Molecular Diagnostics)

As a Research Assistant, you will be managing administrative duties for our laboratory (e.g., procurement and safety), handling clinical samples and providing research support to drive the development of innovative micro- and nanoscale technologies to empower molecular diagnostics and patient care. Please visit our lab website to find out more (


Key Responsibilities

    1. Plan and ensure overall research/administrative needs of the lab are met
    2. Acquire goods and services (e.g., equipment, reagents, consumables, maintenance/repair) required for the lab
    3. Maintain stock of lab consumables and reagents
    4. Keep a systematic and proper record of all purchases
    5. Liaise with vendors and communicate with the administrative office on procurements, goods delivery and prompt payment of purchases
    6. Oversee laboratory standard operating procedures and safety
    7. Collect, process and maintain an inventory of clinical samples
    8. Provide research support to projects encompassing molecular biology, nanomaterials chemistry and device engineering
    9. Any other duties as required



    • BSc or BEng degree in a relevant science/engineering disciplines from a well-recognized institution
    • Committed, dedicated and motivated
    • Excellent organizational, analytical, technical and problem-solving skills
    • Passionated in translational research
    • Comfortable working with clinical samples (e.g., blood and tissues)
    • Good English oral, writing and communication skills
    • Able to work as a team player in a multi-disciplinary and diverse team
    • Previous managerial and/or research experience in related areas will be desirable


    Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, transcripts and the names and contact information of two referees to Dr SHAO Huilin ( Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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