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iHealthtech PhD Scholarships

The iHealthtech Scholarship Programme aims to attract highly talented students with a passion for interdisciplinary research, addressing the technical barriers preventing distributed healthcare solutions. We welcome candidates with a medical background who will be provided with an opportunity to work with engineers and scientists in our highly collaborative environment. We also seek candidates with an engineering or scientific (physics, chemistry, biological, or computer sciences) background who are keen to work together with clinicians. The collaborative teamwork will tackle complex fundamental scientific questions with the aim of developing innovative health technologies.

New students will be admitted in August each year.

Interested candidates should contact the iHealthtech Faculty and Principal Investigators.
Candidates must follow NUS Graduate Admission Guidelines for requirements.

Application is via NUS Faculties with decision making at iHealthtech. For application deadlines and other details, please visit the Faculties’ graduate admission pages:

  1. Faculty of Engineering
  2. Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
  3. School of Computing
  4. NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering



Internship positions are open year-round.

For enquiries on available research projects, please contact iHealthtech Faculty and Principal Investigators.

For general enquiries on PhD scholarship or internships, contact Dr Donny Liang.