iHealthtech Seminar – Associate Professor Aram Chung


iHealthtech Seminar – Associate Professor Aram Chung


Biomolecules, such as DNAs, RNAs, plasmid DNAs, proteins, or nanomaterials, undergo an internalisation process before being absorbed into a cell. The process is critical for studies ranging from basic biology to clinical applications. Viral vectors, cationic lipids, and electroporators were traditionally used to deliver external biomolecules into cells. However, these approaches are suboptimal for achieving high levels of intracellular delivery while preserving cell viability, phenotype, and functions.

To address these challenges, our research group focuses on developing next-generation microfluidics-based intracellular delivery platforms. Our technique utilises intrinsic fluid-cell interactions within confined microchannels, and creates transient discontinuities at the cell membrane to allow convective transport of external biomolecules into the cells. Using this approach, we successfully delivered a number of functional macromolecules delivery into various cells, including human primary stem and immune cells, with minimal cell perturbation. In this talk, I will discuss how our recent microfluidic intracellular delivery developments can greatly benefit genome editing and cancer immunotherapy.


Biography: https://www.aramchung.com/people.html

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