BIGHEART Symposium 2018


BIGHEART Symposium 2018

  • July 27, 2018

From artificial pancreas, to computational microscopy for pathology, to artificial intelligence for combinatorial drug therapy – BIGHEART Symposium 2018 showcased highlights in the latest health science and technology, providing delegates with a unique opportunity to interact with distinguished speakers from engineering, medicine and industry, as well as translational experts during the energetic panel discussion. 

This event – held from 23-24 July at MD11 auditorium in NUS – is BIGHEART’s second annual symposium and attracted over 250 participants from a wide range of fields. In addition to the talks and discussion, there were also poster presentations by BIGHEART researchers and students for delegates to know more about BIGHEART’s research projects. 

Initial feedback of the event has been very positive, with delegates and speakers alike praising the event as a vibrant, enjoyable and open arena for the sharing of ideas, and for learning from the top minds in both fundamental and translational science and medicine. 

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