Using magnetic fields to accelerate muscle recovery


Using magnetic fields to accelerate muscle recovery

  • January 23, 2019

A team of NUS researchers led by BIGHEART principal investigator Assoc Prof Alfredo Franco-Obregón has developed a non-invasive medical device called MRegen which uses specific magnetic fields to accelerate muscle recovery. 

During the first clinical trial, just 10 minutes of magnetic stimulation per week for five consecutive weeks was enough to show an average of 30 – 40% improvement in muscle strength. In the second trial, knee surgery patients treated with MRegen experienced muscle recovery four weeks faster than those who underwent normal rehabilitation procedures. 

A/Prof Franco-Obregón’s team has spun off a company, QuantumTX, to commercialise the technology and they plan to use it for slowing muscle loss in the frail and elderly as well as maintaining muscle mass for professional athletes during their off season. 

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