Smart Sensors & AI Joint-Workshop


Smart Sensors & AI Joint-Workshop

  • August 31, 2019

The rapid advancement of computing technology is driving the development of more miniaturised and higher performance smart sensors, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) platforms with better capability to analyse complex health datasets and lead towards better diagnostic, monitoring and treatment outcomes. 

The Joint Workshop on Smart Sensors & AI held today is the third in the series of iHealthtech workshops that previously included microbiome and precision medicine. Speakers presented a wide range of topics from smart microphones that can isolate a single voice from a mixture of voices; to flexible and stretchable electronics useful for prosthetics and human-machine interfaces; to contactless fall detection and health monitoring using radar signals. 

The interdisciplinary experts came from engineering, computing and medicine backgrounds to propose collaborative projects and selected outstanding project proposals emerging from this workshop will be awarded with seed grants.