CNA Documentary: Innovating for the Future


CNA Documentary: Innovating for the Future

  • May 13, 2022

Photo credit: Channel NewsAsia

Research, innovation, and translation are iHealthtech core interests that aim to impact patients’ healthcare and public wellbeing. Patients’ families often ask us if our latest innovation can help their loved ones. Our scientists genuinely feel how their work can benefit patients and save lives. The latest Channel NewsAsia’s “Innovating for the Future” documentary featured innovative health technologies developed by iHealthtech Professor Dean Ho and Assistant Professor Shao Huilin. Find out more from the documentary on how Professor Ho and Dr Shao push frontiers in developing AI, nano- and sensor-technology to fight cancer, cognitive diseases, and infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

🌐 Innovating for the Future – S1E2: Research And Innovation