iHealthtech researchers part of NUS experts fighting COVID-19


iHealthtech researchers part of NUS experts fighting COVID-19

  • March 12, 2020

iHealthtech PIs Asst Prof Shao Huilin and Prof Dean Ho have been featured as part of a group of 12 accomplished NUS experts fighting the COVID-19 virus during this global pandemic.

Asst Prof Shao and her team are using their enVision platform to detect the coronavirus in as little as 30 minutes. Their technology is fast, sensitive, portable and generates results that can be seen by the unaided eye and quantified using a smartphone app.

Prof Ho, who is also the Head of NUS Biomedical Engineering, Director of the NUS N.1 Institute for Health, and the Institute for Digital Medicine (WisDM), is investigating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms to discover new effective drug combinations and dosing strategies. These platforms can be immediately implemented on infectious disease models and enable fast responses that evolve quickly as the pathogen evolves.

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