Our Mission

“Engineering the future of medicine for the advancement of human health”

At BIGHEART, we seek to:

  1. Transform future of medicine & healthcare through interdisciplinary collaboration in engineering, science & medicine,
  2. Address current critical clinical needs so as to improve well-being, health and longevity,
  3. Facilitate broad spectrum of healthcare innovation ranging from hospital, community to home and doctor to patient, and
  4. Bring solutions from lab to bedside and market through partnership with hospitals & industry.
  • Research and education in:

    1. Quantum biology
    2. Quantum biophotonics
    3. Pathogenesis in silico
    4. Innovative molecular diagnostics
    5. Integrative precision medicine
    6. Smart therapeutics
    7. Proactive personalized medicine.
  • Establishing a deep and systematic understanding of physiological conditions, environmental constraints, and subsequent roles for novel and highly integrated biotechnology (BT), nanotechnology (NT), and information technology (IT) in a range of global health settings.