Communications Executive


Communications Executive

The Communications Executive works in the institutional communications team and supports writing and editing compelling research grant proposals, institutional publications, scientific manuscripts, press releases, marketing materials, announcements, website content, social media, presentation materials, events promotional content and institutional reports. 


Key Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the institute’s senior management and be part of the communications team to create and maintain a strong brand image for the institute.
  •  Work closely with research teams and other colleagues to obtain an in-depth understanding of projects and communication requirements.
  •  Quickly grasp complex technical concepts and translate them into text and diagrams which can be easily understood by their intended audience.
  •  Identify, research, plan and create content about subjects of interest for promoting research activities.
  • Adhering to timeline requirements, provide high-quality writing and editing support, particularly for research grant proposals, manuscripts, press releases, publicity materials and institutional strategic reports.
  • Be prepared to edit, proofread and format all documents to ensure effective communication.
  • Willing to take on ad hoc responsibilities as may be required during the cause of duty.



  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant disciplines such as science, engineering, mass communications, or other equivalent qualification.
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience.
  • Writing and editing skills are essential.
  • Can work independently and yet is a team player.
  • Adobe InDesign publishing software experience or its equivalent.


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